Easy Fine Motor IdeasBefore a child can write they must build their fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in their hands.  This list gives simple ways to build fine motor skills in children.  Add your ideas below



  • Fringe edges of paper

  • Cut off Corners

  • Large shapes (smaller and smaller)

  • Curved lines/Zig Zags

Play Dough or Clay:

  •  Knife

  •  Pizza Wheel

  •  Cookie Cutters

Tear paper and roll into balls (Tissue paper, newspaper, etc.)

Finger trace in sand, cornmeal, salt

Finger Paint


  • Spray Bottles

  •  Tweezers

  •  Clothespins

  •  Small Dice (Roll)

  •   Rolling Pins

Use Upright Surfaces (walls, easels, flannel/chalk boards, lite bright) to:

  • Write

  • Draw

  • Put on magnets

Provide Opportunities  to:

  • Button

  • Lace

  • Snap

  •  Zip

  • Open/close jars

  • Wash plastic Dishes

  • Sweep

  • Fill/Dump

  • Sort

  • Stack

  • String

  • Type

  • Fold paper