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Schools of Bali Indonesia

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Classrooms at the Green School

While in Bali, Indonesia we had the opportunity to visit 3 interesting and very different Bali schools.  Our first school was the Green School, an international Eco school designed and owned by John and Cynthia Hardy. We went on a tour of the entire campus which includes preschool through 12th grade.

Green School Bamboo Sign, Bali School

Green School Bamboo Sign

Bamboo Classroom at the Green School Bali

Bamboo Classroom at the Green School Bali

Learning Balinese Colors

Learning Balinese Colors

The open air classrooms and sustainable practices were amazing to hear about.  The school produces rice and other fruits and vegetables as well as growing its own rice and caring for animals.  The school is mainly attended by foreigners as it is very expensive.  All teachers are international with the assistants all being from Bali.

Green House using car windshields, Green School, Bali School

Green House using car windshields

Recycling, Classroom, Bali

Lunch Sorting

Rice, Bali, School

Rice Fields

An amazing gathering place, the heart of the school

An amazing gathering place, the heart of the school

The next school we visited was Sjaki-Tari-Us a school for children with special needs and their parents.  The man that started the school was actually there the day we visited.  His daughter has Down syndrome and he created the school in her honor.  The feeling of many Balinese people is that children born with special needs are a punishment from the gods.  Many children never leave their homes let alone their villages. This school gives parents an opportunity to interact with other parents and learn all the amazing things their children are capable of.

An amazing school in Bali

An amazing school in Bali

The school runs a program for young children and preschoolers in the morning and a life skills/arts program for teenagers and young adults in the afternoon.  The children were a delight to watch and one took a liking to Jason, kicking the ball around for a while with him.  The school is always looking for volunteers and there were several there from the Netherlands teaching Gymnastics skills and training the teachers.  They would love more help with Special Education Practices.

Small Classroom in Sjaki Tari Us

Small Classroom in Sjaki Tari Us

Upstairs classroom for preschoolers

Upstairs classroom for preschoolers

We visited one last school while in Bali.  The owner of the hotel we stayed at for several nights in Ubud was also the head master and teacher at a local primary school.  Puspa was nice enough to let us visit her school and talk with the students.

Bali Dance

Practicing their dances for a competition the following day

The classroom was complete chaos when we arrived.  There was no teacher in the room and the children (close to 40 in one room) where taking a standardized test when we arrived.  The boys were copying off the girls and the room was really noisy!

Bali Primary School

Boys will be boys!

Several of the girls, all age 10, wanted to practice their English with us.  The boys on the other hand wanted to run around and pull the girls hair.  I sat down and chatted with a group of girls for nearly an hour.  Three of them asked lots of questions and answered my questions.  It was a great experience!  I loved hearing that the girls in this small village wanted to be flight attendants, nurses and teachers!

My New Friends

My New Friends

Bali was an amazing place.  Each school was so different and the children were all so welcoming.  It was great to be able to see such a wide range of programs.

Great Beginnings An Australian School


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Enjoying our time in Australia


Although we were in Australia for nearly 3 months a majority was over the Christmas holidays when many schools were closed.  I did manage to visit a school on the west coast, just outside of Perth.The school was part of a family owned chain that had a corporate feel to it.  The classrooms were large with lots of natural light from the floor to ceiling windows.


Some stand out features included no clocks in the room so that teachers truly followed the children’s lead and a free flowing preschool area consisting of two classrooms and a huge outdoor space.


I really enjoyed hearing about their planning process and reflective practices including looking at the children’s behaviors for planning rather than their interests.  So instead of inundating a child lining up cars with transportation options they would looks at the act of lining items up for planning purposes.


An interesting policy allowed children to visit their siblings anytime they asked.


I wish I would have had the opportunity to visit more schools in Australia, but this gave me a good glimpse in the Aussie ECE field.

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