Line Boogie, ECE, Movement game, Preschool, Play, Music, SongLine Boogie-Best for children 3-6

Setting up:

Arrange children in a line, place a hoop or bucket on the ground at the beginning full of bean bags and an empty one at the end of the line

 What to say:

This game is called line boogie.  We will pass all the beanbags from the front of the line to the back of the line.

First we will pass them over our heads

If you are at the end of the line you will drop the beanbag into the hoop behind you.

Do you think you can do this without dropping any beanbags?

Don’t let go of the beanbag until you feel that the person behind you has a good grip on it.

What to do:

Attempts may be made with other passing positions:  between the legs, twisting from side to side, etc.

Move the last child to the front after each round if you want

Why do the Line Boogie:

This helps children with their gross motor skills

It promotes listening skills and teamwork

This is a developmentally appropriate way to show children what a “line” is!