2Last week we looked at movement games using hula hoops as a prop.  This week we will look at a few simple games using different types of balls.  Enjoy!


Over/Under Game

Have children stand in a line.  Remind children that the balls cant touch the floor and to watch for the ball in front of them.  Start with a small ball passing over your head all the way to the end of the line and then through your legs.  Next try a large beach ball over our head and then through your legs.  Ask children which was more difficult.  Continue with different types and sizes of balls.


Clean Your Room

Divide group in half. Divide area in half using cones or poly spots.  Explain that each group is in their room and that the line is the wall.  Ask kids if they can walk through a wall.  Remind them that they need to stay on their side of the wall.  Make each side messy by dropping fluff balls onto the floor.  The object of the game is to have the cleanest room.  When I say Go you need to throw your balls onto the other side.  You need to move quickly.  Remind the children to stand up when they throw and model that when throwing standing up the ball will travel farther.  Stop periodically to clean the wall off by telling the kids to freeze and drop any balls they have in their hands.

Continue as long as the kids a enjoying the game.  When finished encourage children to put away the fluff balls by color.



Materials: 1 small ball per child

Designate a starting and ending point, and ask child to move from one end to the other jumping while holding a ball between their knees.  If they drop the ball, they must pick it up, put it back and start jumping again.