3Continuing with props, this week we will look at movement games incorporating bean bags.  Props help children develop their hand-eye coordination as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Oopsies…I need help

Lets get ready for my new game.  Everyone put your bean bag on your shoulder.

On my start cue, start walking in our play area.  If your bean bag falls off you must freeze and yell “Oopsies, I need help”

Someone will help you by picking up your beanbag and placing it back on your shoulder.  They have to keep there beanbag on their shoulder the whole time

Don’t forget to say thank you if someone helps you

Also try head or other body parts for the bean bag.


Cherry on Top

Prep: Cones randomly scattered with bean bags on top or each one…enough for each child

Have you ever seen a scoop of ice cream with a cherry on the top?  That is what we are going to do with a ball and a beanbag today.

When I say GO walk with your ball in both hands over to a cone, pick up the beanbag on the cone and place it on your ball, then return back to the line balancing that cherry on the top!

Collect the bean bags place them on the cones and repeat.


Color Race

On COLOR cue, children will walk or gallop/side-slide/jog to the opposite side trying not to loose their beanbag

Children should be in a line facing the other side

Look at the color of your bean bag.

When I call your color walk or other movement to the other side.  Don’t let your beanbag fall off your head/shoulder/elbow

Call one color at a time until all colors have been called

Continue back and forth with different locomotor movements and body parts.