Workshops and Trainings

A sampling of workshops offered, all can be customized to fit your needs and training schedule.

An Inviting Classroom

This workshop will guide you in setting up your classroom for optimal learning, exploration, and discovery.  Participants will learn how to prevent challenging behaviors, like running in the classroom, and proper placement of “quiet” and “noisy” centers.  Ideas and examples will be given for each center of the classroom.

Observation and Assessment (Portfolios)

This workshop can be done as two parts or combined into one.  The focus is on portfolios as a method for assessment.  Data collection, observation methods and several types of developmentally appropriate assessment will be discussed.

Parent Partnerships

(Communicating with Families)

How can you get parents involved?  What do you do with parent volunteers?  Projects and ideas for parent volunteers. How to build the bridge between school and home.  Newsletters, flyers, and invitations will all be discussed.

Cooking in the Classroom

You can do it!  Cooking is an amazing way for children to learn math and science concepts.  Cooking can be tied into a theme, season, or literacy.  We will offer tips, ideas and recipes in this hands on food filled workshop!

Music & Movement Throughout Your Day

When should you use music and movement with young children?  Why and what are they learning?  This workshop includes lots of singing and moving and also includes make and take time for creating instruments.

Integrated Learning

Writing shouldn’t just be at the writing center!  Let the children create signs in the block area or take orders in dramatic play.  Integrating key concepts like writing, literacy, math, and science into each center is very important.  Think about the child that is always in blocks or the group that only wants to play in dramatic play…Making each center integrated will aid in expanding these children’s play.

Way Beyond Worksheets/ Play is Child’s Work (Learning through Play)

In an age of standardized testing and children growing up so fast, we can still “teach” key concepts with out worksheets and dittos.  This workshop will give you developmentally appropriate ways to make sure children are ready for kindergarten.  Lets talk about standards and how to get children to where we want them through play and everyday activities.

Active Bodies make Active Minds (Get up and Get Moving)

With obesity rates on the rise and so many children participating in sedentary activities like TV and the computer, schools must get children up and moving.  We will examine how to fit structured movement time into your daily schedule and how to overcome barriers like lack of space.

From Seed to Table (A Gardening Workshop)

Join in a hands on adventure!  We will explain the importance of gardening and where you can go with it.  Gardening in a very open ended theme.  Ideas and activities will be shared relating to math, science, literacy, gross motor and more!

Best Children’s Books New & Old

We will share our favorite books and give lots of ideas on how to expand on childrens literature.  We will also spend some time talking about how to read to children, questions to ask while reading and how to fit more reading into our day.

So Much More than “House”

How can we act on children’s dramatic play?  What can we include to cover math, science, literacy and more all in the home center?  We will explore theme boxes that can help you easily transform an area into a hospital, airport, or farm.

Graphing, Geometry and More

Chances are there are lots of things you are already doing to “teach” math.  Let explore what you are currently doing and some easy ideas to incorporate right away.

Sensory Play Every Day

This hands on workshop is full of fun and lots of mess!  Learn some new recipes and what children are gaining from sensory play.  We will also discuss what to do for children that don’t like sensory play. 

Bringing the Outdoors In

In this workshop we will take a look at the role of nature in the classroom.  We will explore natural items to include in all areas of your classroom.  We will also take a look at animals in the classroom.

Bringing the Inside Out (The Outdoor Classroom)

Do you have math, science, art, construction and books outside?  We will take a look at what to put outside to engage children in these areas and more.


  1. can i learn your training online? if i can how should i do? i have worked at privite school as a child care. just now i have a little trouble in my work. i love children, but i have any expirence to this job. pls let me know, me know ,if i can learn.


      August 31, 2014 at 8:48 am

      We currently do not offer online trainings, but will let you know if when we do. Right now all trainings are done in person. Sign up for our weekly free songs, recipes, and games. Try them out and let us know how things are going.

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