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Movement Monday: Using Props Part 3-Bean Bags

3Continuing with props, this week we will look at movement games incorporating bean bags.  Props help children develop their hand-eye coordination as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Oopsies…I need help

Lets get ready for my new game.  Everyone put your bean bag on your shoulder.

On my start cue, start walking in our play area.  If your bean bag falls off you must freeze and yell “Oopsies, I need help” Continue reading

Movement Monday: Line Boogie

Line Boogie, ECE, Movement game, Preschool, Play, Music, SongLine Boogie-Best for children 3-6

Setting up:

Arrange children in a line, place a hoop or bucket on the ground at the beginning full of bean bags and an empty one at the end of the line

Continue reading

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