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Movement Monday: Line Boogie

Line Boogie, ECE, Movement game, Preschool, Play, Music, SongLine Boogie-Best for children 3-6

Setting up:

Arrange children in a line, place a hoop or bucket on the ground at the beginning full of bean bags and an empty one at the end of the line

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Sensory Sunday: Painting Fun!

Painting, Sensory, Recipes, ECE, PreschoolLast week I shared a great no cook play dough recipe.  This week we turn to painting.  Here are two simple, but different paints to try out.  These are good for all ages.

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Song of the Week: Goodbye Songs

Song of the Week, Preschool, Toddlers,, Music, ECE, PlaySome of you may run half day programs or do a closing circle.  Both of these goodbye songs are great ways to wrap up the day and say goodbye to your little ones.  The first song is also a great one for infants and toddlers who may be starting to wave!

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Movement Monday: Animal Game

5This animal game is sure to be a hit in you classroom.  Several years ago I created a movement curriculum for an Obesity Prevention program that was used throughout classrooms in Napa, California.  This game was always a hit with the kids and easy for teachers to pick up and use again and again. So here it is, this weeks Movement Monday:

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Sensory Sunday: No Cook Play Dough

Sensory Sunday, Play Dough, Recipe, No CookMy go to recipe for No Cook Play Dough, although I tend to not follow the recipe and just add ingredients until I get the right consistency.  Since it is not cooked the kids can help out during all steps and really like the mixing and kneading!  Try it out and let me know what you think

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Song of the Week: Farm Songs

Song of the Week, Farm Songs, Teaching, Music, ECE, Preschool, Toddlers, InfantsA couple of farm songs for all those kiddos that love animals.  Enjoy and Happy Saturday!

Take me out to the Farm (Tune: Take me out to the Ball Game)

Take me out to the Farm dad
take me there right now
show me some horses and chickens too
I cant wait to hear the cows, moo

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