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Movement Monday: Using Props Part 1

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Using props is a great way to mix up your gross motor/physical activity time.  Many props can be made easily such as sock balls or bean bags.  Hoops can also easily be made using plastic piping and fittings from a hardware store.  This weeks Movement Games use hoops as a prop.

Musical Hula Hoops

Place at least 6 hoops on the floor throughout your space.  More hoops needed if large group.

Explain that when the music plays they are going to dance or hop around the classroom, when the music stops they must find a hoop and stand inside.  Emphasis that they must share the hoop with their friends.  When you start playing the music again take away one hoop each time.  Stop when 2 hoops remain.  If you have lots of students, tell them as the hoops go down that you just want their hand in the hoop or one foot, not their whole body.


Here Comes the Fox

Today we are all pretending to be little rabbits.  Your hoop is now your rabbit hole
Pretend we are in the forest.  On my START cue, jump happily in our forest
When you hear “Here comes the Fox” Jump back into your bunny hole
Ready, jump happily in our little forest.


Drive your Car/Plane

Stand inside your hoop holding it around your body.

On START pretend to drive your car/fly your plane.

Make car/plane noises, but be sure you can here the STOP cue.

Make sure you don’t run into another car/plane

If you do, you must come over to me at the garage and watch the safe drivers for a while.

Remember to practice safe driving!



We will all pretend to be bridges today.  Our bodies can make a bridge.

We will make the first bridge inside our hoop

To be a bridge stand with your feet slightly apart, bend over slowly and place your hands on the ground, belly button facing the ground

I see so many bridges, I think I need to count them.  Stay in your bridge and help me count

Can you make a bridge outside of your hoop?

Can you make the bridge part inside and part outside of the hoop?

Ready to try something very tricky?  Who can make a bridge and lift up a leg?

Movement Monday: Line Boogie

Line Boogie, ECE, Movement game, Preschool, Play, Music, SongLine Boogie-Best for children 3-6

Setting up:

Arrange children in a line, place a hoop or bucket on the ground at the beginning full of bean bags and an empty one at the end of the line

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