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Sensory Sunday: Painting Fun!

Painting, Sensory, Recipes, ECE, PreschoolLast week I shared a great no cook play dough recipe.  This week we turn to painting.  Here are two simple, but different paints to try out.  These are good for all ages.

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Movement Monday: Animal Game

5This animal game is sure to be a hit in you classroom.  Several years ago I created a movement curriculum for an Obesity Prevention program that was used throughout classrooms in Napa, California.  This game was always a hit with the kids and easy for teachers to pick up and use again and again. So here it is, this weeks Movement Monday:

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Movement Monday: Stretches

Movement Monday, ECE, Buildingblocks4teachers, Play, Music, Song

Another favorite of mine.  This is a great daily stretching song to do.  It gets the kids moving, singing and thinking.  Start off just doing one or two movements adding an additional movement each time you sing the song.  After doing the song for a while ask older kids what they would like to move and how to move it.

Just Like Me

Raise your arms just like me, just like me, just like me

Raise your arms just like me

Together today

Other Ideas:

Touch Your Toes…

Twist Your Body…

Shrug your Shoulders…

Turn your Head…

Ask children what else they can move

Sensory Sunday: Cooked Play Dough

Sensory Play, recipe, Preschool, ECE

Cooked play dough comes out a bit softer than uncooked play dough.  You may want to pick up a cheap thrift store pan for cooking your play dough so you don’t ruin a kitchen pan.

Cooked Play Dough

3 cups flour 1 cup salt 6 teaspoons cream of tartar 3 cups water 3 tablespoons vegetable oil Food coloring

Mix flour, salt, and cream of tartar in a large saucepan. Blend water and oil together in a bowl. Add to the saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until it thickens. Add several drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors until you get the right color. Cook for about five minutes. Take the play dough out of the saucepan and put it on a cutting board or counter and knead for a few minutes. Add flour if it’s too sticky.  Be very careful when kneading as it will be very hot!

Sensory Sunday: Edible Finger Paint

Sensory Play, recipe, Preschool, ECEEdible Finger Paint


  • Light corn syrup

  • Food coloring drops in various colors

Put 2 tablespoons of the light corn syrup into a shallow bowl and mix with 5 to 10 drops of food coloring depending on the desired color intensity. Use thick construction paper or cardstock or even just a tray or plate. Remember its all about the process or the experience.  This is not one that you want to hang on the wall, the corn syrup WILL attract ants! Safe for  all ages.


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How to Build Fine Motor Skills

Easy Fine Motor IdeasBefore a child can write they must build their fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in their hands.  This list gives simple ways to build fine motor skills in children.  Add your ideas below



  • Fringe edges of paper

  • Cut off Corners

  • Large shapes (smaller and smaller)

  • Curved lines/Zig Zags

Play Dough or Clay:

  •  Knife

  •  Pizza Wheel

  •  Cookie Cutters

Tear paper and roll into balls (Tissue paper, newspaper, etc.)

Finger trace in sand, cornmeal, salt

Finger Paint


  • Spray Bottles

  •  Tweezers

  •  Clothespins

  •  Small Dice (Roll)

  •   Rolling Pins

Use Upright Surfaces (walls, easels, flannel/chalk boards, lite bright) to:

  • Write

  • Draw

  • Put on magnets

Provide Opportunities  to:

  • Button

  • Lace

  • Snap

  •  Zip

  • Open/close jars

  • Wash plastic Dishes

  • Sweep

  • Fill/Dump

  • Sort

  • Stack

  • String

  • Type

  • Fold paper

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