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Song of the Week: Goodbye Songs

Song of the Week, Preschool, Toddlers,, Music, ECE, PlaySome of you may run half day programs or do a closing circle.  Both of these goodbye songs are great ways to wrap up the day and say goodbye to your little ones.  The first song is also a great one for infants and toddlers who may be starting to wave!

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Song of the Week: Farm Songs

Song of the Week, Farm Songs, Teaching, Music, ECE, Preschool, Toddlers, InfantsA couple of farm songs for all those kiddos that love animals.  Enjoy and Happy Saturday!

Take me out to the Farm (Tune: Take me out to the Ball Game)

Take me out to the Farm dad
take me there right now
show me some horses and chickens too
I cant wait to hear the cows, moo

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Sensory Sunday: Edible Finger Paint

Sensory Play, recipe, Preschool, ECEEdible Finger Paint


  • Light corn syrup

  • Food coloring drops in various colors

Put 2 tablespoons of the light corn syrup into a shallow bowl and mix with 5 to 10 drops of food coloring depending on the desired color intensity. Use thick construction paper or cardstock or even just a tray or plate. Remember its all about the process or the experience.  This is not one that you want to hang on the wall, the corn syrup WILL attract ants! Safe for  all ages.


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Movement Monday-Preschool Game: I See, I See

Movement Monday, Early Childhood, Movement Games, Teaching, Young Children

It’s movement Monday!  Today we share one of our favorite movement games “I See, I See.”  An easy and fun game that will get kids up and moving.  Start with as large an area as possible with all children at one end.

I See, I See

Teacher says “I see, I see”

Children reply “What do you see?”

Teacher says “I see (animal)


Giraffes walking tall

Butterflies fluttering by

Horses galloping

Turtles crawling slowly by

Crabs, Crab-walking around

Children do action from one side to other.  Then stand and wait for teacher to say, “I see, I see.”  Continue for as long as children remain interested…may be a long time!

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June’s Frugal Teacher Tip

AA045737 Mailbox filled with mailYou likely receive lots of junk mail; why not put it to good use?  Grocery inserts are great for children to cut, perfect in a dramatic play home center or grocery store.  You can go a step further and create a matching game or a picture grocery list.

Another thing that comes in the mail is credit cards.  These pretend cards are great to bring in to the children.  Children will have fun playing with them in dramatic play or if you have an abundance you can have them for sorting.  They also can be used for stencils or rubbings in the art area.



Dr. Seuss Family Literacy Night


For the third year in a row I organized our Dr. Suess Family Night.  The event is primarily geared for preschool age children but we had children from infants to 4th grade in attendance.  This year we had 38 children and their parents attend.  It was another successful event!  We had 3 stations set up with readers reading Dr. Seuss books and three rooms full of Dr. Seuss activities.  We had art, science/sensory, graphs, games and more for children to explore with their parents.  Below are a few pictures of how the event was set up:

1. Shoe Prints

2.Foot Book Feet painting station

3.Fish Bowls and Cat in the Hat Hats

4. Crazy Critters









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